sumi works

Group lessons ( Level.2 and 3 )

* 8 sessions per course

**prerequisite : Level.1 course or equivalent

Level.2 ( Intermediate 1 )

This course covers :
10 Advanced kanji
Kanji and hiragana combination 
Intro to semi cursive (sosho) x2
Writing short poems

Level.3 ( Intermediate 2 )

This course covers :
Kanji and hiragana combination 
Writing short poems in Japanese and language of your choice 
Intro to cursive (gyosho)
Intro to other scripting types

At the end of the course, we offer:
Original rank certificate
Custom made seal stamp (optional – 100 dkk/12 EUR)

90 minutes per session

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- Write your name, course level, date/s and time
- Sign up 2 weeks in advance for the courses
- Sign up 1-2 weeks in advance for workshops

4 basic Sumi-e effects

Sumie effects


Blur: Bokashi

Streaks: Kasure


Tint : Nōtan

Force: Ikioi